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e-Share Bot for Microsoft Teams Compliantly Incorporates External Parties in Collaboration

e-Share is delighted to announce availability of our new Bot for Microsoft Teams.

The bot makes it simple and fun for employees to include external parties in collaboration, while automatically ensuring compliance with organizational security policies.

Just tell it to share any conversation, with or without attachments:

The bot will reply privately with a card...

You can fill-in a subject, uncheck participants in the thread who may not need access to the share, and then check to confirm which files you want to share. Click 'Update share' and the card updates...

Click 'Send' and the bot creates the share. It confirms to the teams channel so nobody is caught by surprise, and each share can be found via search...

The bot also notifies each external users that content has been shared with them. One click on the included link and they're taken to our our secure portal, accessing the content you shared under the policies approved by your security organization. For example, they may be limited to a view-only, edit-online experience.

Or they may be permitted to download a copy watermarked with their email address and IP address. Another benefit: as the sharer, you'll be notified each time shared content is accessed, or if they reply. You remain in full control, able to revoke or change access anytime. And nobody has to download or install any software or plug-ins.

That's why we call it "Collaboration that Secures itself"!

If you're fan of Microsoft Teams like we are, please, register for a demo. We can deploy it for your organization in a few hours. And if you aren't sure what Teams is all about, watch this video...


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