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e-Share Bot for MS Teams Adds Policy Card

The e-Share Bot for MS Teams now supports full policy selection and editing via card!

To try it out, invoke the bot as per usual. The bot will reply to you privately:

Fill-in the card as usual... then click the Update share and select policy button. The bot will reply with another card, allowing you to select or modify the default policy:

From here you can modify the policy by checking or unchecking the various options... then click Update policy. If you want to modify the expiration, click that button for a special card allowing you to set the expiration (including one-time access).

You can also Select another policy from your organization's official list:

Once you've set your policy appropriately, the Bot will offer you another card to send it, as shown in our last post...

If you'd like to see the e-Share Bot for Teams in action, please schedule a demo!

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