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Enable External Sharing in the New Dropbox

Big news in cloud file storage this week: Dropbox is no longer a cloud file storage service. It's now a "single workspace to organize your content, connect your tools, and bring everyone together" consisting of a desktop app, integrations with Slack, Zoom & Atlassian, and cross-silo search. It looks cool:

This shift was not a surprise to industry observers. The new position is clearly the end of a years-long effort to become even more enterprise friendly. Some pundits indicated consumers might move on to other services, given the pricing. But adding best-of-breed collaboration is all about making it easy to get work done - efficiently and compliantly.

One thing you may discover, even with all the new capability - your IT department is still turning off external sharing features and guest access. Sharing a file on a Zoom meeting with outsiders may still be hilariously hard. This is because as enterprise capable as they are, most cloud services lack fine grained sharing options beyond "download" or "edit".

On the plus side you can add e-Share to the new Dropbox to enable secure external collaboration in just a few hours. Users can create a view-only virtual data room on-the-fly by sending an email:

e-Share has been a Dropbox partner for many years. We're 100% integrated with their storage system and your cloud email (O365 or GSuite), and fully support SSO and auto-provisioning for your enterprise. Our Trusted Sharing links are hosted under your corporate subdomain (never e-Share's), with your SSL certificate, so links and notifications will never be blocked.

Schedule a demo on our website to see how easy it is to deploy and use along with all the new Dropbox capabilities!

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