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External Collaboration Use Cases for Microsoft Teams WITHOUT Enabling Guest Access

We thought we'd complement that with a set of external collaboration and sharing use cases for Microsoft Teams:

These can be quickly and easily supported by installing e-Share's Bot for Microsoft Teams - without enabling external guest access. Most large or regulated companies simply can't allow external guest access. (Much as they block most cloud sharing services.) It's too "all or nothing" without fine grained controls like automatic expiration, edit-only access, or watermarking.

After using Teams heavily for the past year at e-Share, we've noticed an interesting pattern. Virtually every time we need to engage with outsiders, we debate and discuss designs, objectives and requirements in Teams. It can get pretty intense.

When we finish the debate, we have to share the finished result with outsiders.

Sharing the entire discussion is not a good idea... we might well have discussed the vendors, technologies, or details of our customers. Among many potentially sensitive topics.

With the e-Share External Collaboration Bot, you just ask it to share any conversation and attachments...

Please, register for a demo to see how the bot can support these use cases for your organization!

We'd also love to hear about use cases that may be challenging, problematic or valuable to your company - feel free to submit a comment below!

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