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*New* Edit Share Subject, View Office Docs Online, Private Conversation Mode

This week, e-Share's Client Web Portal (CWP) added three new features. First, you can now edit share subjects directly from the My Shares menu:

e-Share blog | screen shot of e-Share client web portal my shares page with rename share name menu visible

Second, when you share a Microsoft Office document and give the recipient download rights, we automatically offer to preview it using Office online:

e-Share blog | screen shot showing option to view a file in PowerPoint online

Finally, when creating a Trusted Share, you now have the option to allow the recipient to reply, and optionally to restrict replies so that only the owner and recipient can see them. (In our current, default configuration, all recipients can see everything.)

e-Share blog | screenshot showing new secure conversation policy options for trusted sharing

Want to see these features in action? Register for a demo anytime!

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