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*New* Portal Updates, Sharepoint Bot Support, OpenID Tweaks

This week, e-Share updated our client web portal, removing our venerable "Collaboration Management" navigation option and replacing it with direct links to "My Shares" and "Shared With Me".

Here's a screen shot from our alter-ego, Bank2Trust - because our service is always re-branded:

Additionally, the portal now highlights shares that will expire in 3 or fewer business days. e-Share users can access that here. In the near future we'll add an option to allow you to receive notification via email as well.

Now, when accessing shared content via the new design, secure conversations can now be sorted by date or conversation. You can also size the conversation pane however you'd like:

The account settings page has also been updated. Among other things, the "Notifications" tab has been removed, and the "Notifications" toggle option is now located under "Preferences".

We also added support to our External Collaboration Bot so it can share content from SharePoint, if you use that as the storage mechanism for Teams.

You can optionally copy SharePoint content to OneDrive prior to sharing. This allows you to send a snapshot of a document to an external recipient, and continue internal collaboration (and updates) to the internal copy.

We also made a number of updates to our OpenID support, going directly to the login provider instead of pausing at our re-branded portal page.

Users are taken directly to the web portal after logging in.

If you have questions about any of these updates, please send us a comment. Thanks.

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