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*New* Share With Me Link

This weekend, e-Share updated our service with a new feature: ability to generate a Share With Me Link. You can give the link out, for example on your web page, business card, or in your email signature:

e-share Blog | Screen shot of a google mail with signature including a share with me link

Anyone who opens the link has to briefly register...

e-share Blog | Screen shot of branded e-Share service asking someone who clicked the shared with me link to register with email address

They'll receive a fully branded invitation, sent from your domain, to a virtual data room which they can use to upload files to you - securely and compliantly.

e-share Blog | Screen shot of virtual data room created on the fly for the now registered user to share with you, securely and compliantly using your organizationally defined sharing policies

They can quickly create new files or uploading existing ones. As the creator of the shared with me link, you're automatically notified when anyone registers to share with you. You'll also be notified when they upload or create new files.

e-share Blog | Screen shot of notification showing that content has been shared via the shared with me link

The data room is created on-the-fly and enforces sharing policies defined by your organizational administrator. A typical configuration is simply to allow create & upload. Files are stored in your organizational cloud file storage (like Google Drive or OneDrive), as managed by e-Share.

e-Share users can get their Share With Me link from the client web portal, under the identity window:

e-share Blog | Screen shot of showing how clients can use our client web portal to generate their own share with me link

For more information about this feature, clients may contact customer service, otherwise visit our website and register for a demo.

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