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Replace Documentum e-Room with e-Share

Last week we learned how to replace Documentum e-Room with e-Share's Trusted Sharing and Secure Mail products. From a long time customer.

It's such a good story, we thought we'd share!

More than ten years ago, the customer, a diversified media company, installed Documentum for managing their internal content, and eRoom for enabling collaboration on top of it. Both products offered best-of-breed capabilities for authoring, managing and delivering content - so long as it was for employees, or the public.

The challenge for the company today is working with a vastly larger number of subsidiaries, joint ventures ... and partners of all kinds, from vendors to consultants, freelancers and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies. They were, until recently, bogged down, trying to find, curate and ultimately share content externally while retaining control.

Among the worst problems:

  • Sharing a document with an outsider meant giving them a copy
  • Have to on-board the user to allow them to have any lesser experience (e.g. "view only") or manually make a PDF
  • Managing special versions redacted for each receiver became a huge chore
  • Many shares never expired, even when employees left the company - without manual action

The good news is, the company moved to a "cloud first" footing last year, and has since deployed Office 365. After an initial migration from Documentum to OneDrive, they now use e-Share for all secure external collaboration.

For starters, all content is now stored and managed, from the internal team perspective, using OneDrive. Sharing internally creates team folders.

External sharing can be initiated from inside existing applications like Outlook, or Teams.

The user simply picks a policy built from our lengthy list of fine-grained sharing options. Power users can customize them, or create new ones on the fly.

Content can be shared read or edit only - without download. By default, shares can be set to expire after a specific number of accesses, or a period of time.

When sharing a copy of a file is required to achieve business goals, users or the entire organization can ensure it is trace-able. Simply configure a policy to automatically watermark downloads with the recipient's email and IP address.

e-Share's secure mail offering, fully integrated with Trusted Sharing, allows recipients to interact, collaborate and discuss shared content via a familiar email interface - without actually transmitting information through non-secure email infrastructure.

This, combined with the ability for recipients to create and upload new content, as well as edit online using O365 or GSuite, provides a next-generation data room without high costs, long on-premises provisioning times, and painful curation efforts - just to get started.

Best yet, e-Share uses the existing OneDrive storage the company already has. So they're saving money while providing a vastly superior secure sharing & external collaboration experience.

Contact us to learn more about how you can replace your legacy collaboration system with e-Share in a few weeks, while saving money and delivering a far better, 100% cloud based experience that's still compliant and secure. We can even help you migrate your data to your choice of cloud storage to get you started!

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