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What If Your Auditor Was Hacked?

Not that long ago, one of the largest audit firms was hacked. Client email and records were compromised. Many details remain unknown, but one thing is clear.

If you used e-Share Trusted Sharing and Secure Mail to collaborate with them, you don't have to worry about it.

Blogs are not good places for idle boasts. The claim above is not merely positioning, or a "what if". It's actually true. One of e-Share's largest customers, an insurer, actually had this reaction.

That's not to say they didn't share with their auditors. They simply didn't ever let an attachment leave their perimeter. It never got into the auditor's email system. Anything sensitive was shared in a view only/edit online mode, with no download. Copy/paste was even disabled.

If you don't believe this claim, schedule a demo and we'll show you how (and why) it works.

Sometimes a simple story is the best one. And today, that is all.

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